Add EditText Programmatically – Android

Sometimes it is the requirement of the program to add EditText programmatically. The following code can be used to add the EditText component in Android application.

To create a new instance of EditText

EditText editText = new EditText(context);

It sets the property of EditText to single line. The keyboard <enter> key is replaced by Done, if there is no next EditText available. But, the presence of next EditText will replace the <enter> key to Next


This line sets the label of ImeAction to Done and the button click will terminate the input.

editText.setImeActionLabel("Done", EditorInfo.IME_ACTION_DONE);

The presence of next EditText will require this option to replace the Next with Done


This function makes the input type of EditText a password.

editText.setInputType(InputType.TYPE_CLASS_TEXT | 

This function transforms the input value to a (dot) after some interval or after input of next character before the interval is completed.


The editText can be passed into the addView() of any View or its child.

Visit Android Developer website for more information about EditText.